K2-Acrylgel Milky

120 Sek.
90 Sek.
super thick



K2-Acrylgel Milky

Easy and fast processing, due to its creamy consistency. Easy to file after curing with a particularly strong hold. Because the K2 acrylic gels are more stable than gel, but more flexible than acrylic, they are extremely resilient.

Prepare and take the dust off the natural nails. If necessary, glue tip and file or put a nail form. Apply a thin layer as an adhesive layer and cure. With the metal spatula, remove the desired amount of K2 acrylic gel from the jar and apply to the nail and cure. Moisten the brush with the K2 Acrylic Gel Solution as soon as it sticks to the product. This allows the K2 acrylic gel to be distributed with light pressure and pressed into shape. Then cure completely and remove the resulting inhibition layer. We recommend an acrylic brush in size 8 or 10 for working with the K2 acrylic gel.

LED: 90s / pinchable after about 30s
UV: 120s / pinchable after about 30s
Combo: 90s / pinchable after about 30s