Longlife UV-Polish

The Longlife UV-Polish is as easy to apply as a usual polish but has the durability of a gel.

Use of the Longlife UV-Polish System

1. Preparation
To prepare the natural nail push the cuticle away and file the nail to its requested shape. File the nail surface with a file (grain size 180).

2. Apply Base and curing
Apply the Longlife UV-Polish Base/Top Coat on the whole nail. Then cure it with UV-Light or LED-Light.

3. Apply colour and curing
Apply now your chosen Longlife UV-Polish and cure with UV-Light or with LED-Light. Repeat this step to get intensity.

4. Apply Top Coat and curing
For a long-lasting shine apply the Longlife UV-Polish Base/Top Coat on the whole nail. Remove the sticky layer after curing with Cleaner.

5. Conclusion
For conclusion treat the nails with a soothing oils.

To remove the Longlife UV-Polish file the polish slightly off. Fill a glass container with Soak-Off Remover and dip your fingers in the container or soak the Nail Foil Wraps with the liquid and coat your nails with them. Then remove the Longlife UV-Polish carefully with a cuticle pusher.

You could also remove the UV-Polish with a file (grain size 100/180).

To get a long-lasting durability of the Longlife UV-polish remember to do not come in contact with the free edge of the nail.